Friday, 12 February 2016

Why is 2019 so Important ?

Let's cut to the chase here. It is prophesied in Scripture that in 2019 the global economy will explode. This will be accomplished by two prophecies coming together simultaneously. The first will cause the second to happen. When these two prophecies occur, it will stimulate the whole world's economy.

What are these prophecies? The first has to do with the tribe of Asher, one of Israel's thirteen tribes. This tribe is currently under Lebanese control. The prophecy says that Asher will dip his foot in oil. Some believe this means that Asher will become the world's greatest producer of olive oil. This however, makes little sense, as this could hardly cause any significant historical change.

What then is the Scripture referring to? It is referring to literal petroleum. Asher will control a major find of oil. In fact, this has already happened as far as finding the oil. It is off of their coast. Once they have the rights fully in their control, they will begin to ship this oil across the globe for pennies on the barrel.

The problem is that they are not a shipping port. They will have to rely on Tyre to become their shipping port. Tyre is the city just a few miles North of them. This is where the second prophecy in Scripture comes into play. The Word of God declares that Tyre shall be forgotten for seventy years and then will once again play the harlot with the rest of the world making them rich.

Where are these two prophecies found? In different books of the Word of God we call the Bible. This is why they have not been linked together by prophecy leaders. By themselves, they seem to be ambiguous at best. However, linked together, they make perfect sense.

Israel became a nation in 1948. If we count seventy years, we come to 2018. However, Scripture tells us that it is AFTER seventy years that Tyre will play the harlot with the rest of the world to make them rich. God declares that the reason for this economic boom will be so His children might store up food and raiment or clothing.

Why? Because they will have to store up for the Tribulation period so they won't have to take the mark of the beast. Where are these two prophecies found? The first prophecy about Asher is found in Deuteronomy 33:24. The other prophecy is found in Isaiah 23:15-18. This prophecy tells us it is for God's children to store up.

What God is telling us is that we are to store up for seven years during this time of plenty. The following seven years will be the time of anti-Christ's reign. It is the wise who will heed this plan of God who will be doing exactly what He did in the days of Daniel in Egypt. So from 2019-2025 will be a time of plenty, just before anti-Christ arrives in 2026.

He rules from 2026-2033, and then Christ arrives to dethrone him. While the rest of the world flounders trying to find out what is going on in this troubled world, we should have rest in the knowledge that our God has told us all things ahead of time. It is up to us to study to find these things in Scripture. I pray this has helped someone understand prophecy a little better.

God bles you the reader.

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